October 21, 2021

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Newly Published, from a Haitian Earthquake to MacArthur Park

Newly Published, from a Haitian Earthquake to MacArthur Park

WHAT STORM, WHAT THUNDER, by Myriam J. A. Chancy. (Tin House, $27.95.) Written by a Haitian Canadian American author, this novel paints Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and its aftermath through 10 points of view, from a wealthy water executive to an architect returning from Rwanda to deal with the earthquake’s aftermath.

CONSUMED: The Need for Collective Change: Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism, by Aja Barber. (Grand Central, paper, $17.99.) A critique on what we buy, how it’s made and the systems behind it that make an unfair and broken cycle is coupled with the call to unlearn these practices and challenge the feelings of satisfaction that come with them.

MACARTHUR PARK, by Judith Freeman. (Pantheon, $28.) Decades after Verna marries Jolene’s ex-husband, the two friends reunite for a road trip that exposes old secrets and competing visions of womanhood.

THE LOST CAFÉ SCHINDLER: One Family, Two Wars, and the Search for Truth, by Meriel Schindler. (Norton, $28.95.) A memoir of a Jewish family, spanning two wars and including their well-loved cafe in Austria, reconstructs life before Nazi occupation and the losses and mysteries accrued.