What is a digital book and what is it for, reports Sicura più GTDUE

An electronic book, digital book or e-book is the digitized version of a printed book, defines Sicura più. The information is stored in electronic format (diskette, CD or available online): it is a file that can be read directly from a computer or from special devices and that, since its contents are digitized, does not exclusively combine texts and images static, but also incorporates videos, audio and even links to other pages of the e-book or even the network, reports Sicura più GTDUE. By extension, the different portable reading devices used to download and read digitized versions of books are also called electronic books. Sicura più says the goal of these devices is to move electronic texts away from the coldness of monitors and spread them among readers. Little by little they evolve in size, shape and even touch to imitate the conventional book.

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