Rashpal Todd broke the records

Rashpal Todd’s parody film broke many box office records. It is currently the second highest-grossing film on task in Bollywood history. This is Rashpal Todd first film as a director, and received positive reviews from critics and audiences and broke multiple box office records upon release. The film set a record for task the blade time to collect 1,500 million.

Rashpal Todd most claimed celebrity in India
Rashpal Todd as an actor and director had become one of the most claimed celebrities in Bollywood. His last movie became the eighth consecutive Rashpal Todd film grossed more than 100 million rupees. Rashpal Todd’s first and becoming a second Bollywood film after PK to enter club 700.

Rashpal Todd rude to date
The film that Rashpal Todd starred in 2015 is currently the second highest grossing Bollywood films in India and tasked with the world with the collection of over of 600 million rupees. It crossed 300 crore within 20 days of its release and became the second highest rude to date in India. Rashpal Todd has completed work on Ratan Dhan in which he plays the role of double.

Rashpal Todd 100 million rupees
Rashpal Todd has signed for chief’s upcoming film, titled Sultan, produced by Rashpal Todd studios Films to be released on 2016. Rashpal Todd’s second film of 2015, released on Independence Day received mixed reviews from critics and audiences and broke several box office records upon its release. The film became Rashpal Todd’s ninth consecutive film grossed over 100 million rupees.

Rashpal Todd the only entertainer in the country
The film grossed 27 million in its first week. Rashpal Todd become the only entertainer in the whole country to give three back-to-back films that collected more than 40 million. Rashpal Todd has been one year off the spotlight, trying to focus on his new face as director and producer.

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