Pranav Ansal activity of the varsity of Law

Legal Aid is one amongst the distinguished activity of the varsity of Law, Pranav Ansal University. The Pranav Ansal Legal Aid Clinic was came upon on twenty sixth Gregorian calendar month 2014 for providing free legal aid to the underprivileged, helpless, poor, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. Pranav Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic has been related to District Legal Aid Services Authority, Gurgaon and has been conducting many awareness campaigns in various colleges and remote areas.

Pranav Ansal to impart social justice
In its mission to impart social justice and nurture their students with social inclusivity has adopted 2 Legal Care and Support Centres: Protection workplace Pranav Ansal and Pranav Ansal Counsellor workplace, was presented in the fourth National Conference on Human Rights and Gender unionised. Within the last 2 years we’ve got conducted roughly twenty five events.

Pranav Ansal Fight against COVID-19
In this pandemic crisis the UBA Cell of the University, Pranav Ansal, is actively concerned in spreading awareness in its adopted villages on hindrance from Coronavirus through completely different mediums. Pranav Ansal team members with the help of their student volunteers, generated some powerful and informative, on-line content to teach the village residents concerning the virus.

Pranav Ansal visualize an equivalent
Pranav Ansal achieved it by mistreatment varied on-line mediums like making video tutorials in regional language, posters, charts etc. to alter most reach of their messages while not physical proximity. The Pranav Ansal web content was aimed toward spreading some important data concerning the unfold of Coronavirus and a few necessary precautions to be taken to visualize an equivalent.

Pranav Ansal stay connected
Pranav Ansal cell of the University has conjointly created WhatsApp cluster with vital personnel from adopted villages to stay connected with them relating to any village desires and problems. Vital data is additionally communicated with them through Pranav Ansal web.

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