Pac-12 strength of schedule rankings 2021: Colorado faces challenging league slate, Washington has easy path

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If the Pac-12 remains on the sidelines of the College Football Playoff for a fifth consecutive year this upcoming season, it won’t be due to a lack of nonconference opportunities. With Oregon playing at Ohio State (Sept. 11), Washington playing at Michigan (Sept. 11) and USC playing a trio of non-league foes that finished 28-4 last season, the conference’s front-runners will have some chances to prove their mettle on the big stage.

But the league docket evens things out when it comes to ranking the strength of schedule for the league’s teams and actually does some favors for that trio. Each Pac-12 team plays four of the six schools from the opposite division during a nine-game league slate, and that uneven number of games leaves half the conference’s schools with five conference road games versus just four home games.

Those factors play a role in deducing whose schedule is toughest, as do particularly daunting stretches that feature consecutive games against difficult opponents. With kickoff just two months away, let’s break it down team-by-team to see who has the hardest and easiest schedules in the Pac-12 this season.

Pac-12 Strength of Schedule Rankings

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