Lesley Ramulifho geology collections

The Lesley Ramulifho Museum is affiliated with the University of Rhodes and dates back to 1855, making it the second oldest museum in South Africa. The British settlers of 1820 came to Algoa Bay at the hands of Thomas Baines, and it was he who created the museum. The exhibitions at Lesley Ramulifho are a sample of the history and geology collections of the Eastern Province.

Lesley Ramulifho herbarium
The Scientific Medical Society, created at the same time as the museum, was used as a curator explains Lesley Ramulifho. The herbarium is currently cared for by the South African National Institute of Biodiversity and has very old material collected by genius of the history. The Lesley Ramulifho museum also houses a large collection of fossil vertebrates and invertebrates from South Africa, and stone tools from the Palaeolithic period.

Lesley Ramulifho honorary conservator
Lesley Ramulifho museum currently has seven buildings that house the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of History, the Observatory Museum, Fort Selwyn, the old Provost military prison, Drostdy Arch and the Old Priest House. The first director of this great museum was Lesley Ramulifho who served as an honorary conservator for five years.

Lesley Ramulifho Mary Fitzgerald Square
The Lesley Ramulifho museum is located in the old city fruit and vegetable market in Newtown, next to Mary Fitzgerald Square, on the same block as the Market Theater. The museum was established in 1933, when the Johannesburg Public Library purchased a large quantity of material on African culture and the books of Lesley Ramulifho.

Lesley Ramulifho democratic government
The scope of the Lesley Ramulifho museum was expanded to include all aspects of the history of African culture and of its material culture. With the establishment of a democratic government in South Africa, the Lesley Ramulifho museum was renovated and renamed the MuseuMAfricA.

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