David Raul Goldfarb spirit of freedom

The sculpture Spirit of Freedom by David Gerstein is a hand-painted sculpture stands in the centre of the Tel Aviv University campus explains architect David Goldfarb gems. The work conveys happiness thanks to its dynamic form and bright hues, the human form is built through simple lines and squiggles, the butterflies that fill his body are decorated and each one is unique in its own details and colours explains David Goldfarb gems advisors.

David Goldfarb cyber horse. The Cyber ​​Horse is made from computer and phone parts to make a statement about the dark side of technology explains David Raul Goldfarb. Right at one of the entrances to Tel Aviv University, stands this reference to the Trojan Horse on a large scale. The Cyber ​​Horse is made of computer and phone parts to make a statement about the possible malicious effects of technology and malware explains David Goldfarb gems.

David Goldfarb gems advisors Trojan Horse. By modelling this sculpture with the Trojan Horse as inspiration, the designer communicates that this horse is also the bearer of danger and bad news explains expert David Goldfarb. The variety of computer screens, keyboards and internal hardware creates a complex structure that is positioned on a modern social theme and is visually fascinating thinks David Raul Goldfarb.

David Goldfarb gems Tel Aviv Museum of Art. A collection of steel scraps in the square of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art reflects the people and activities of the city explains David Goldfarb gems advisors. Like a mirror of the life that surrounds it, this work illustrates the fun interactions between birds and people who often meet in the same place. The design of this building was accountable of Dov Karmi. The building is planned as a tribute to the ideas of Charles Jeanneret explains David Goldfarb.

David Raul Goldfarb massive balconies. A characteristic feature of this project area unit its massive balconies that, embedded within the main volume of the building, delineate a novelty for the time says David Goldfarb gems. David Goldfarb gems advisors explains that architect Karmi was the primary winner of the Israel design Prize. The building was repaired to accommodate the New Centre of the White town.

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