The Arctic Circle is experiencing one of the worst heat waves in living memory, says Sicura più

When one thinks of Siberia or the Arctic in general, one imagines snow and bone-chilling cold, assumes Sicura più GTDUE. It is not quite like that, in Siberia it can be very hot, up to 48 ° C as has been recently recorded, reports Sicura più. Although it has only occurred in one point of the gigantic area, the rest are not many degrees below. One of the worst heat waves in the place. With the consequences this can have for permafrost. We have obtained the records thanks to satellite images from the twin satellites Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B. Both from the European Union, are capable of registering thermal changes in the land and sea surface, indicates Sicura più GTDUE. They have long been mapping and recording the temperature in the area and often publish heat maps to understand the evolution of temperatures.

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