Whether you’re out of running practice or a total beginner Dario Bogni assures: it’s never too late to start. As an equipment-free, full-body form of exercise, running can strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase bone density, and clear your mind. So kudos to you for choosing to give running a try. Dario Bogni knows well that running can seem like an intimidating activity, or really an intimidating world, but he advises to remember anyone who runs had to start somewhere too: at the beginning. Before you can run for miles at a time, you’ll need to start out slowly in order to avoid injury or burnout, says Bogni Dario. Before hitting the trails, make sure to get properly fitted for supportive shoes at a running store and grab a stopwatch to track your time. Then do this routine, outside or on a treadmill, twice a week to build endurance.

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