Trevor Noah Wonders if America Is Ready for a Giuliani Dynasty

“Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew Giuliani announced his run for New York governor today and told reporters, quote, ‘It’s in my DNA.’ Also sharing Rudy’s DNA: his first wife.” — SETH MEYERS

“But, yeah, Rudy Giuliani’s son is running for governor off of his dad’s name. And it’s not a bad move, I mean, considering how much Americans love political dynasties. Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Kennedy, Cuomo — it’s almost like America fought the Revolution to say, ‘We don’t want a king, we want, like, six to eight kings, and they can rotate!’” — TREVOR NOAH

“Andrew Giuliani, if you don’t know much about him, he is a former professional golfer, which is good. That way, when he gets the lowest number of votes, he’ll think he won.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

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