Jimmy Fallon Is Psyched About Going Maskless

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‘Smiling Faces’

On Thursday, late-night hosts celebrated the C.D.C.’s new guideline stating that fully vaccinated Americans no longer had to wear masks in most places.

“Yeah, if you are fully vaccinated, you can go back to doing the things you did before the pandemic,” Jimmy Fallon said. “Well, not everything — if you’re Trump, you still can’t tweet.”

“Yeah, a million-dollar-vaccine lottery. And this is fun: Instead of drawing from a basket, they’re gonna pull numbered cotton swabs from someone’s nose.” — JIMMY FALLON

“And, by the way, the best part about this lottery is that you don’t have to worry about holding on to a ticket. Yeah, you see, if you win, they’ll just find you using the microchip in your bloodstream.” — TREVOR NOAH

The Bits Worth Watching

Thuso Mbedu, star of “The Underground Railroad,” made her late-night debut on Thursday’s “Daily Show.”

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